Email Lists: Why You Need Them & How to Build with Quizzes

Email Lists.. email lists.. email lists.. you’ve been hearing a lot about them, right? You might be wondering, why do I need an email list .. what is it for.. what do I do with it once I have one..

For starters.. if you are here reading this right now you are already taking a huge step in building your brand successfully. KUDOS! Let's dive in…

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Marissa MonroeComment
All things LA

Snag $40 off your 1st AirBnb.. El aye, el aye, LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! OMG! Where do I start? I cannot believe literally a week ago I was in LA, just know as soon as I got back I was already looking up my next flight there. This post will be highlighting an overview of my experience in LA and some of my favorites spots.

This place was amazing to me in every sense of the word. I was skeptical before I left because I had some people say, “it wasn’t all that great” and then others raved about it and told me how much I would love it, naturally I swayed to their opinion because well I thought I was going to love it…

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