Quick Upgrade to Your Instagram Profile

Raise your hand if you want a more appealing aesthetic for your Instagram! Dropping a few tips on how to give your Instagram a quick makeover. Okay, let's get started! Strolling into numero uno..


This is your place to talk about you, your interests, showcase your website, a recent feature and so much more. You can keep it short and sweet or lay it all out there. Me personally, I live for simplicity, however you also have to think about your audience. Here's a picture of MRAY | Lifestyle Brand's Instagram where they have outlined who they are, what they sell, a few other details and the direct link to their website. Using emojis and line breaks to make it more visually appealing and giving new and existing followers a peek into who they are. Diving straight into my next tip, more appealing text with LINE BREAKS. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 4.08.14 PM.png


2. more appealing text: line breaks. 

Making your text more appealing and breaking up your text, this is what line breaks live for. These are amazing for a lot of reasons, but primarily they are used in bios and captions. It can be tricky as you cannot directly insert line breaks from the Instagram app. Simply type out your bio or caption in another app on your phone, ex. iPhone, use Notes app and copy and paste it back into Instagram bio section in your IG settings. Ta-da, line breaks and more appeal in a flash. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 7.20.18 PM.png



Sometimes it can be really hard to stick to something, whether that be no bread, no tv, gym everyday. There is something to consistency all across the board. My third tip is picking a theme and sticking to it! Your theme could be a color scheme, certain types of pictures, adding a border. When newbies view your account you want it to appeal to them. What better way to show them than with your cohesion and consistency. Check out the below, there is a theme of colors and fonts. Choose your theme and going into #4, curate your Instagram feed. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 7.26.43 PM.png



In #3, we talked about how consistency is key and can be hard to keep up with so I'm sharing 3 ways aka 3 apps you can utilize to plan your feed so you can stay focused on your bigger goals like that vacation or a new car. Planoly, Iconosquare, Unum - most of these come with a free trial, but Unum is F-R-E-E, free. It's my favorite, you can plan your Instagram feed out before ever posting it. There are a bunch of other neat tricks in there, we'll jump more into those perks throughout the Instagram series. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 7.44.20 PM.png


So to recap. Here's your quick four to upgrading your Instagram profile. 

  1. upgrade your bio

  2. update your text format

  3. choose a theme

  4. curate your instagram feed

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xoxo, marissajo