Email Lists: Why You Need Them & How to Build with Quizzes

Email Lists.. email lists.. email lists.. you’ve been hearing a lot about them, right? You might be wondering, why do I need an email list .. what is it for.. what do I do with it once I have one..

For starters.. if you are here reading this right now you are already taking a huge step in building your brand successfully. KUDOS! Let's dive in!


1. It’s YOURS, YOUR list for your business.

Marissa, what does that mean? Most everyone is using social media. It is a great tool and one of the most essential and critical ones for any successful business, but here’s the thing, it’s not yours and you have ZERO control over it.

Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.. we spend so much time with our audience posting content and trying to use the right copy to generate engagement, but at the end of the day those platforms can make a change at any moment and at any time. Actually, Instagram has changed it’s algorithm a few times in the last year and next thing you know you aren’t seeing content you saw before, your likes might go down, less comments on your content. As wonderful as these platforms are – we don’t own them and they aren't ours. Your email list is yours! Your personal database!

2. Email Subscribers are more likely to purchase products or services.

Do you sell a product or service? ..I’ll go out on a limb here and say the majority of us who have a business are promoting a product/service - whether that is coaching, design, tickets to an art show, the newest software – the end goal is to convert our customer. When someone signs up for your email there is something they are drawn to: they might dig your style, want to learn more from you, be interested in your content/product or service or want that freebie you're offering - They are engaged, they aren’t signing up for your email so you will sign up for theirs. They are more likely to purchase a product or service from you. Between May & June 2018, I sent emails to subscribers for our retreat for female creatives, entrepreneurs + small business owners and sending an email with information about the retreat helped generate $2000+ to go towards our expenses. For the record, I was in the very beginning of building my email list and this was a reminder to keep it going!

3. It is an easy, affordable + effective way to communicate.  

Last, but certainly not least, Email has an amazing ROI. Aside from the aforementioned - It is super affordable, by that I mean zero dollars and setting aside the time to draft and send an email. Effective, you can personalize emails with the content specifically for the person you are writing to and people can save your emails for reference later. It is such a useful tool even today! So if you have something to share, send an email, but you have to have that email first 😊 I use Google for email and MailChimp for email marketing – both f.r.e.e.


So we’ve talked about the “why”.. why you need the list, but how, right? There are so many ways to build your list.. let’s get familiar with quizzes.

Quizzes have done more than help me grow my email list.

  • It gives me the opportunity to learn more about my subscribers + potential clients
  • Boosts my brand awareness online
  • Increase my profitability
  • Attract my ideal clients

My focus in my business is branding + design. As I started thinking about quizzes and how they would be helpful, I wanted to provide something to my visitors that would help them in their business and their branding that didn’t require them to pay for a product or service. I decided on Brand Voice Style. In the beginning stages of branding often times, the visual identity is the first idea – but what about your voice, your copy, and how that intertwines with the visual. I built my quiz using Interact, an online quiz builder. They offer free and paid plans that allow you to try it out and pick a plan that works for you for where you are in your business and what you need for your business. You can choose from templates or build out, dream up your own questions, brand it with your colors, fonts and more.


Once I had my quiz just the way I wanted it, I sent out the link to existing clients, my Facebook group and then added it to my website and other social platforms for anyone to have access to. This helped to drive traffic to my website, increase my brand awareness and ultimately build and convert! Interact allows you to view specific details and analytics – everything from the types of responses to each questions, where people left the quiz if they didn’t complete, how many quizzes were completed/captured emails and more. I highly suggest using Interact to help increase your email list, increase your awareness and increase your profitability.

Do you use a tool to help build your email lists? Have your used or tried Interact? Tell me in the comments below. 


I hope this was helpful to you in building your brand and business. Think you are going to try out email list growth or have you already experienced success building one? Share below! 


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