Marissa Monroe

Oh, hi there!

I’m Marissa, "M" for short. I’m the lady behind.. you guessed it, Marissa Monroe Studio. I’ve got a passion for beautiful design, from the way it looks to the way it works.

An original established in 1990. I'm creative, ambitious + sunshine obsessed. Born + raised in North Carolina, I've always been this visually stimulated being. In middle school, I became interested in fashion and coding + designing my MySpace & Xanga pages, I think my name was pink_luvr. I didn’t know, but that was only the beginning.

Let’s jump about 12 years, circa 2014, where I was graduating from North Carolina State University with my degree in Fashion and Textile Management with my concentration in Brand Management + Marketing. I accepted my first corporate jobs merchandising menswear + designing bras/seamless apparel for two Fortune 500 apparel companies + it felt like a dream! From there, I designed + developed adidas & Carhartt childrenswear + started freelance graphic + brand design.

In 2017, the light of my life, my mom, passed away. I was in a place where there wasn't much that motivated me. Tragedy can bring on many emotions and I turned to design to help me cope. Designing was something my mother and I both enjoyed, my mother, an artist and my father, an engineer, both designers, I was taught the beauty of having design that looks good and works well. Onwards + upwards, I built a studio for creative services. My goal, to lead a more creative life & help other entrepreneurs, non-profits + small businesses in their journey elevating their business and their brand.

A few other random bits about me.. My drink of choice is.. Tequila (100% agave, please), sushi = yum, showers are zen, I am crazy about office supplies + driving with the music all the way up, sunroof open + the windows all the way down, perfect highway drive.

I'm so glad you stopped by! Let's stay connected! Social stuff, Facebook + Instagram, all below! Pick your next avenue below.