Summer 2018 Boutique Brand Retreat
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"I feel motivated and energized to launch my small business after the Boutique Brand Retreat. I loved attending an event with diverse women in different industries. I’ve made amazing connections on both a personal and professional level thanks to the BBR!"

-monica barnett, sewist

"The Boutique Brand Retreat is a rare opportunity to network with other creative professionals, and hear from some of the leading women entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. I left feeling inspired and strengthened with a new community that I know will hold me accountable to my professional goals, and just be there for moral support. I look forward to seeing how the retreat grows, and who else we will get to learn from in the future."

-Jacqui haggerty, Video producer

"The Brand Retreat was and incredible experience that helped me learn what it’s like to be a lady-preneur and turn my hobby into a real gig. I can’t wait to learn more from the smart and savvy ladies I have met and will meet! Thankful for this creative girl tribe!"

-Amanda decker, calligrapher

"The Boutique Brand Retreat was an awesome experience! Spending the weekend with a smaller group of like-minded, amazing women entrepreneurs was refreshing and inspiring. The retreat was definitely what I needed to get started with my own goals, and I will definitely be in attendance at the next one!"

-Jasmin Hainey, Aspiring Entrepreneur 

"Initially I was skeptical about attending this retreat. It wasn’t in my planned budget and I wasn’t keen about spending an entire weekend with complete strangers (I’m an introvert that enjoys her space). I decided to go anyway and I’m so glad that I did! I met so many amazing women that are winning at this small business thing. The Brand Retreat gave me that extra needed boost to keep going. I look forward to the next retreat."

-Brandi Silver, Designer

"There is power in community and sharing both knowledge and encouragement. Life as a solopreneur can be lonely and it is so helpful to realize how many other amazing business owners are struggling with many of the same issues. BBRGSO was a fabulous way to engage in community-building."

-Terri burke, photogrAPher